Get to know your audience before seeing them!

Requests are the best way to know what music your audience is into. Song-Request provides a platform for your clients to request songs online. Simply send a link to your client and get those requests rolling in.

Sensing the vibe

Talking to your clients is the best way to get to know what they're like. Unfortunately, you can't talk to all the guests before a party. You can however get them to enter their requests, which is the next best thing!


Use the guest mailing list to improve your aftersales! Ask for feedback, or send the guests a coupon to encourage them to get in touch.

Not convinced? Check this out!

The best way to experience Song-Request is to sign-up for a trial account, but we'll list the benefits for you:

  • Insights

    Knowledge is power, so knowing your audience will make you a powerful DJ. Insight in you audience will give you the possibility to be even better than you usually are!

  • Aftersales

    Aftersales is a really undervalued part of the DJ business, but it brings great potential. Clients love to give feedback, and they love to feel important. Use a client like Mailchimp to bring the guests an even better experience.

  • Engage your audience

    Guests love to be engaged with the DJ and the party. They get into the vibe of the party before it starts, and they'll get into the vibe even more if they hear the songs they requested.

  • Happy Faces

    That's what we do this for! If your clients are happy, you are happy. Cater their party exactly to their wishes and your client will talk about you for years to come!

Ready to go?

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